Visit our Flower Farm Near Tetbury in the South Cotswolds

Step into the enchanting world of British blooms at The Tetbury Flower Company and relish the immersive experience of hands-on floral activities. Explore our flower farm and connect with nature through our cut-your-own experience. Wander through lush fields, selecting the perfect stems to craft your own stunning arrangements, feeling the earth beneath your feet and the sun on your skin (or maybe rain).

Workshops & Tours

We do offer more than just flower-picking though. We'd love to invite you to our workshops and farm tours, where inspiration blooms alongside the flowers themselves, fostering an environment where learning from others is as enriching as it is enjoyable. Embark on our farm tours to discover innovative planting ideas and experiments, as we harmonise with nature to cultivate the beauty of British blooms. Our workshops and tours not only deepen your connection with the land but also beckon you to join a vibrant community of passionate growers. Let's cultivate knowledge and beauty together... We can't wait to meet you!