Cut Your Own Flowers

Collection: Cut Your Own Flowers

Spend a heavenly couple of hours in our flower fields and choose from a huge variety of stems to cut yourself. We allow each person 2 hours on the fields which gives you plenty of time to wander through the beds, perhaps taking breather on a bench and letting the peace and quiet wash over you before you cut our flowers.

Sessions are strictly limited in numbers and have to be booked in advance. This is to ensure that all who come have a wonderful experience and have the space and time you need, to really appreciate the joy and fun of being amongst the flowers. 

We don't count the stems you cut, however, in a silver florists bucket you will likely fit between 30 and 40 stems (£40 per session) and in a growers bucket you will fit around 55 - 65 stems (£65 per session). Snips and buckets provided. Flowers will be aqua-packed for you to take home or do feel free to bring your own vase or vessel.